Battle of the Mascaras: UPDATED

Hello mascara lovers!

I had posted the original Battle of the Mascaras on April 7, but my opinion has changed since then. I figured it was only fair that I update this post to keep you all informed on my favourites!

Below are some of the most raved about mascaras that I have reviewed:

  • Better Than Sex – Too Faced
  • Voluminous Carbon Black – L’Oréal Paris
  • Roller Lash – Benefit Cosmetics 

From top to bottom: Too Faced Better Than Sex, L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black, Benefit Roller Lash (travel size)

image4 (1)

In Third Place… Better Than Sex by Too Faced

Full Size – $30 CAD, Travel Size – $15 CAD

I find that this mascara is ALL THE RAGE. Everybody seems to obsess about it online and it’s definitely the most well known mascara in my opinion. When I purchased this mascara, I was SO stoked to try it out. I even wrote a full review on it – check it out here.

image2 (1)

Too Faced – Better Than Sex

This mascara is awesome – don’t get me wrong. In my opinion though, it just isn’t the best mascara out there. I find that the formula/wand combo clumps and flakes easily, and the wand is so chunky that it’s hard to reach all of your bottom lashes. I also noticed that this mascara tends to transfer onto the under-eye area throughout the day.

That being said, this mascara does give a lot of oomph! My lashes definitely do look longer and really voluminous. Is it really better than sex, though? That’s up for debate.

In Second Place… Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics  

L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black

Full Size – $7 CAD

Although I love this mascara so much, I had to change my mind! It is an incredible mascara and, best of all, it costs less than $10. This mascara leaves you with long and gorgeous lashes, but I found after using it a few more times that it does tend to clump a little.

image1 (4)

L’Oréal Paris – Voluminous Carbon Black

The wand for Voluminous Carbon Black is really simple and not too chunky, making the application quick and easy. It applies easily to all of my top and lower lashes, and doesn’t transfer at all.

Voluminous Carbon Black is a great option for makeup lovers on a budget!



Full Size – $31 CAD, Travel Size – $16 CAD 

I absolutely had to change the standings on this post because I find myself reaching for Roller Lash every. single. day. It literally DOES NOT CLUMP. AT ALL. and I’ve actually grown to like the unique applicator!

image3 (1)

Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash

At first I was bothered by the wand for Roller Lash. I am a little uncoordinated when it comes to applying makeup, and I found it tricky to use, initially. Not that this wand is rocket science or anything, but I found I spent a lot of time deciding and wondering which side of the wand I should be using. Now that I’m used to it, though, I’m applying Roller Lash with ease!

All in all, Roller Lash is a really great mascara and I love the way my lashes look after using it!


What’s your favourite mascara? Leave a comment! 



14 thoughts on “Battle of the Mascaras: UPDATED

  1. kippinsbeautyblog says:

    I’ve tried all three of these and agree with you 💯 %
    I was so excited to get the better than sex, the packaging is my absolute favourite, but it flakes so bad on me.
    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who is uncoordinated and struggles with these wands!! 😀
    And I find the L’Oréal glides into my lashes, I’ve never felt anything like it.
    Great comparison review 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cherilyndoes says:

    The Better Than Sex mascara is hit or miss, which is unacceptable for $23 USD. I recently had to exchange one I had for only 2.5 weeks because it clumped and leaked all over the place. I am definitely going to try the L’Oreal. Great review! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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