Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Collab


If you haven’t already heard, Manny Mua (AKA Manny Gutierrez) is doing a collaboration with Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is set to launch April 8. Three more days!!!

I actually just finished watching Manny Mua & Jeffree Star’s reveal video (a week late, oopsies) but I am so obsessed with this collab.

Check it out here!

The highlighter looks so gorgeous, shimmery, and perfect for my pale complexion and the lip colours are TO DIE FOR.

The two lip colours are named Daddy and I’m Shook, and the highlighter is named Eclipse.

I’ve been looking for a great coral lip colour for the spring and summer and I LOVE how I’m Shook is a burnt coral, because I’m a little hesitant with bright lip colours.


Right after I watched this reveal video, I googled the collab to find more info and found that there is DRAMA surrounding this new release.

Apparently, Black Moon Cosmetics (BMC) is SUING the pair, claiming that the black & holographic packaging of the collaboration is a rip-off of theirs. BMC is threatening to HALT the release on April 8 and potentially stop it from EVER being released.


Here are the two side by side – in my opinion, they’re looking a little similar…


*I do not own this image!*

I haven’t found anything from Jeffree OR Manny talking about this drama, but Manny did tweet this only a few hours ago:


Jeffree Star had similar tweets today as well. Hopefully this means the release will still be happening on time?

Fingers crossed!!

Thoughts on this collaboration? Anyone else dying to try this out? 

Also has anyone tried Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks before? I’d love to hear your opinions!




6 thoughts on “Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Collab

  1. Valerie Nguyen says:

    I follow Manny on Snapchat and he addressed the legal issue — Black Moon Cosmetics decided to drop the suit. I haven’t been able to get my hands on those babies. I’m waiting for them to restock. Did you get anything from the collab? x

    Valerie //

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