e.l.f. Haul (link for $5 off inside!)

Hi makeup lovers!!!!

I have been patiently waiting for my e.l.f. package to arrive in the mail and it’s finally here!!

E.l.f. is such a great option for affordable makeup. I’ve spent a lot of time reading reviews and watching videos on these products and have carefully selected the most raved about beauty steals & dupes.

The photos above show all the products I received from my e.l.f. order 🙂

Keep reading for first impressions on all my new goodies!



Top to Bottom: Blending Brush, Small Tapered Brush, Blush Brush, Bronzing Brush, Eyeshadow Brush

need to talk about the Eyeshadow Brush first, so I’ll be reviewing these brushes bottom to top!

Eyeshadow Brush

So far, my favourite brush is the Eyeshadow Brush which was actually the cheapest at only $1. If you’re not already aware, I subscribe to Kathleen Lights’ YouTube channel, and love her advice for affordable beauty products. This one was recommended on her video – “My Favorite e.l.f Makeup Products!” as the best $1 e.l.f. brush. The bristles on this are so soft and they apply the colour evenly and very well! I definitely recommend this brush.

Bronzing Brush

I got this as part of the Gotta Glow free gift included in my order. I already have a really great angled brush that I use that’s fluffier and softer – it’s actually from H&M – but you can never have too many brushes! This brush is soft and applies the product really well.

Blush Brush & Small Tapered Brush

I’m reviewing these two together because they’re basically the same, just the Small Tapered Brush is, well, smaller. These were both recommended by Kathleen Lights, but in all honesty, I’m not crazy about them. The bristles aren’t very soft and they really aren’t fluffy or full. But, they were both priced at $3 so I really can’t complain! I’ll definitely be using these brushes, they just didn’t meet my expectations.

Blending Brush

Similar to the Blush and Small Tapered brushes, this brush is not very soft and scratches a little. However, it does the job in blending and I’ll definitely be using it! Like I said before, it was $3 so I still think it’s worth it.

Baked Collection


From Left to Right: Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls, Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems, Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky, Baked Bronzer in St. Lucia

Baked Highlighters

Both shades are super pretty and shimmery, they’re great! My only issue is they really aren’t pigmented. I’ve heard that if you scratch off the top layer, they are much better. I’ve also heard that you’re supposed to wet baked products before application. Has anyone heard tips for these?

The second highlight in the photo, Blush Gems was also part of the Gotta Glow free gift. Woooo bonus!

Baked Blush

This shade is so pretty, it would go great with pretty much any look. I love how the product is marbled too! Just the blush on its own is gorgeous even before application. I’ve found that this blush has better colour payoff than the highlighters but it’s still not as great as I hoped. I’ll probably be trying one of the two methods I mentioned above.

Baked Bronzer

I find this has the least colour payoff of all the baked face products I purchased. I went over it several times with very little pigment on my skin. I definitely have to find a technique to get these to work better!

You’ll also notice that the product is actually broken – but shoutout to e.l.f. for resolving this issue very quickly! I took a photo of the bronzer and tweeted at e.l.f. showing the condition it arrived in and they quickly responded with an email address to contact. I got an email reply overnight and was immediately refunded. Yay for great customer service!

The Rest


Left to Right: Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight, Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach, Makeup Mist & Set, Matte Lip Color in Praline, Bronzer Palette in Deep Bronzer

Shimmering Facial Whip

These products may be little but they seriously pack a punch! If you’re looking for that perfect, glowing highlight these are an incredible (and very affordable) option. I should note, the tiniest amount of this liquid highlighter goes a very long way. It doesn’t blend super well, so I suggest putting a tiny dot where you want the highlight and dabbing it on – not rubbing. When I applied too much, I tried rubbing and blending in the spot with swiping motions and it really messed up my foundation. Just bounce your sponge or finger where you want the highlight and you’ll get perfect results.

I’ve also heard these liquid highlighters are great for a highlight prime under a powder highlight. This would definitely give you the strobing, see it from outer space highlight that a lot of people are rocking these days.

Makeup Mist & Set

I can’t say too much about this setting spray because I haven’t tried it for a long period of time yet. But, I can say that it’s non detectable when its on and doesn’t leave your skin too shiny, oily, or sticky. Stay tuned to find out whether it’s long lasting or not.

Matte Lip Color

The shade Praline is so gorgeous! Just yesterday I got a bunch of icy-blonde highlights and Praline looks so amazing with my new hair colour. It’s a brown-netural-pink shade and is super versatile and could work with many different looks.

My only complaint is that it is not long lasting at all. It wears off and smudges very easily. But, on the plus side, it’s incredibly easy to apply and great for traveling. Re-application is not a pain with this lip colour.

Bronzer Palette

This palette was the final part of the Gotta Glow free kit included in my order from e.l.f. Cosmetics. The shades are super pigmented and you get two matte and two shimmer shades. I feel like the shades included could work on a wide range of skin tones. I’m very impressed by this palette!

Free Samples


I got these free samples as a surprise in the box, in addition to the Gotta Glow free gift! I was really excited about this! As you can see in the photo, I haven’t actually used these yet but I am excited to do so. I’ll be sure to review these two in the future.


Online shopping for e.l.f. Cosmetics is great! They often have promotions with free giveaways for spending small amounts, like $25. Also, with the $25 that you spend, you can get a ton of different products! For this haul, I only spent $32 – which is insanely good!

I admit not every product will be a holy grail of mine or change my life, but the quality is great for the affordable price. Also, if you’re a first time e.l.f. buyer online, they gave me a link for you to get $5 off your purchase! Check it out below 🙂

Use this link to save $5 on your first e.l.f. cosmetics purchase!


Do you have anything from e.l.f. in your makeup collection? What are your favourites? Leave a comment! 



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