Amnesia Rockest ’17 Lineup Release

Hi music lovers!

A little birdy told me that the 2017 Amnesia Rockfest lineup was to be announced today so I went over to the website to check it out!

Amnesia Rockfest is the biggest rock festival in all of Canada. So far I’ve been twice, and both times were incredible!

This year, Amnesia Rockfest is taking place from June 22-25. The festival is in Montebello – a small town in Quebec.


Line to get into the festival grounds – Rockfest 2013

Thoughts on the 2017 Lineup

I’ll be honest…. I’m not too impressed this year, and I wasn’t too impressed last year either. This isn’t to say that others won’t love this lineup, but I have a very specific taste in music and this year’s lineup just doesn’t fit with that!

However, here are the bands in the lineup that I would be interested in seeing:

  • The Specials
  • Reel Big Fish
  • Less Than Jake
  • The Offspring
  • Bad Religion
  • PUP
  • Anti-Flag
  • The Planet Smashers

To some, that seems like a decent list, but to me…

I’ve already seen every band on this list live except for PUP and The Specials – most I’ve seen multiple times. PUP I would rather see in Toronto in a much smaller venue for much cheaper… So that just leaves The Specials, and is one band really enough to get me to spend a bunch of money on a music festival?


BUT, this is still an awesome festival and I have so many great memories from the two summers I went!


Guy in a wheelchair crowdsurfing the pit during Less Than Jake (so badass) Rockfest 2013

Here’s a list of all the amazing bands & musicians I got to see at this festival in the past:

  • The Offspring (2013,2015)
  • Less Than Jake (2013,2015)
  • Mad Caddies (2013,2015)
  • Rancid (2013,2015)
  • Dropkick Murphys (2013)
  • Transplants (2013)
  • Flag (as in Black Flag, but without some critical members, 2013)
  • Millencolin (2013)
  • Pennywise (2013)
  • Alice Cooper (2013)
  • Marilyn Manson (2013)
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (2013)
  • The Flatliners (2013)
  • Catch 22 (2015)
  • Big D and the Kids Table (2015)
  • Gogol Bordello (2015)
  • System of a Down (2015)
  • Pixies (2015)
  • Sublime with Rome (2015)
  • Bad Religion (2015)
  • Refused (2015)
  • Flogging Molly (2015)
  • Voodoo Glowskulls (2015)
  • Melvins (2015)

Front row at Transplants, Rockfest 2013

Anyway, check out the lineup on the Amnesia Rockfest website! Maybe you’ll find some alternative/rock bands that you’d love to see! Going to this music festival has made two of the best weekends of my life.  It’s a great opportunity to camp with friends and listen to some great music.


View of the main stage – Rockfest ’13

All photos were taken with a cheap disposable camera – don’t mind the quality!

Have you been to any music festivals? Which are your favourites?



3 thoughts on “Amnesia Rockest ’17 Lineup Release

  1. Carina says:

    So happy I discovered your blog. Looks like we have the same interests 🙂
    my favorite festivals were Download and Sonisphere. Really wanna make it to Sweden Rock and Bang your head someday.

    xoxo Carina

    Liked by 1 person

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