ColourPop: Unboxing & First Impression

Hi makeup lovers!!!

I finally caved and purchased some ColourPop makeup!

I got my ColourPop package in the mail today, which is kind of a bummer because I was hoping it would be in for Valentine’s Day… So, let’s just pretend it’s still Valentine’s Day! It only ended about 24 hours ago, that’s not too bad 😉

I have a lot to say about my new mini ColourPop collection, so brace yourselves. This is going to be a long one!


Penny and I love Valentine’s Day!!!! xoxo

The first thing I need to say is that ColourPop gives you $5 off your first purchase online which is awesome and basically gives you one free item. ColourPop has such affordable products and they have free shipping over $30 in the US and over $50 for international.

Since I’m still on a tight budget, I opted out of spending $50 and just purchased a few items to test out.


Penny has been LOVING all the roses in the house from Valentine’s Day! She keeps smelling them and rubbing her cheeks on them. Too cute.

So, as you can see in the photo above, the box is really fun and colourful on the inside – it was so exciting opening this up! If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll know I’ve wanted to try out ColourPop for a while. There’s so many great reviews on their products and I’ve been dying to test them for myself.

The box also comes with a hand written note and a small booklet filled with tips and tricks for applying their products. I really wish I would have read this before trying everything out (oops!)


Lips (left to right): Lippie Pencil in Love Bug, Ultra Matte Lip in Love Bug, Hello Kitty Ultra Matte Lip in Ribbon. Eyes (top to bottom): Kathleen Lights Super Shock Shadow in Weenie, Super Shock Shadow in Fringe

SO, I decided on these five products:

All of the packaging is so simple but so pretty. I love the look of it all! So cute.

Here are the swatches:


Left to right: Fringe, Weenie, Ribbon, Love Bug (Ultra Matte), Love Bug (Lippie Pencil)

Super Shock Shadows

Can I just say that I think the name “Weenie” for a rose gold metallic shadow is hilarious? No clue where this name came from but I love it.

ANYWAY… really loved the swatches on these shadows. The photo doesn’t really do it justice but the colours are really shimmery. Weenie is a super pigmented beautiful metallic rose gold, while Fringe is a bit more of a transparent/gold sparkle.

When I tried them both on my actual eyes, though, my first impression was that they’re really messy and difficult to work with. The recommended method of application for these shadows is with your finger – so that’s the method I used.

I tried to apply Fringe on my lid to create a shimmer, and I found the sparkles got everywhere – all over up to my brow bone and my under eye region. I ended up removing my eye makeup altogether.

When I used Weenie on my eyes, I used it in the same region as Fringe. What I found was that it went on better and stayed put, but I had a difficult time getting it to reach the lash line without completely messing up the look.

What I read in the tips and tricks book much later was that a flat, firm synthetic brush can be used to create a more precise look. I’ll be sure to test this method out next time!

Lippie Pencil

My first impression of the Lippie Pencil is that it goes on really smooth and that it’s perfectly pigmented.

But, I soon realized that I can’t find a way to sharpen or twist out more product… Does anyone know if there’s a way? Or do you just get the tip of the pencil? So confused. If you know, please comment and enlighten me.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this product besides that! The quality feels great but just not sure about the quantity…

Ultra Matte Lip


The Ultra Matte Lip was what I was most excited to test out. My very first impression when I swatched them in my kitchen, immediately after opening the box, was that the formulas seemed different on the two shades.

Love Bug came out instantly matte and more thick, while Ribbon came out really thin and took a longer time to mattify. This could be because Ribbon is specific to the Hello Kitty collection but I’m really not sure. Right off the bat, I liked the feel of Ribbon much more than Love Bug.

Colour – Love Bug

Another thing I immediately noticed was that Love Bug was much darker than I thought it would be. The colour is still gorgeous and I’ll definitely wear it, but it’s a lot more brown and dark than I expected.

After testing these colours on as a full swatch and on my lips all I can say is… OH BOY.

Colour – Ribbon

Ribbon is the most gorgeous, perfect red lipstick you’ll ever use in your life. It’s the most perfect shade of red – bold and beautiful, and it’s not too orange or pink. It’s a true red. It also is so perfectly matte – soft and velvety. It’s literally the exact same shade as the gorgeous red roses sitting in my bedroom right now. This red lipstick completes my life. Thank you, ColourPop, for creating the red lipstick of my dreams.


Ribbon is a NIGHTMARE to remove. For both my arm swatch and on my lips, it looked like a fricken crime scene in the bathroom while I tried to remove the colour. The red spreads everywhere and is so difficult to get rid of.

My fool-proof method of lipstick removal is my brown sugar/coconut oil sugar scrub, and this did not even remotely work on Ribbon. After the sugar scrub, I used hand soap, face wash, more sugar scrub, lots of warm water, and I had to scrub with a towel to get this colour off my body.

Note: I had zero difficulties with the other products.


I used Ribbon for my makeup look today and it is super long lasting. I had a full, messy quesadilla and churro lunch and the colour held up great! It wore off a bit in the inside/centre region of my lips which is normal, and when I reapplied it did not look clumpy at all.

The formula dries on so well without making my lips feel dry. The Ultra Matte Lip is totally kiss proof and my lips feel completely bare while I’m wearing it.


Me wearing Ribbon Ultra Matte Lip (clearly not a selfie queen but I’m working on it!!!)

Final Words (Ribbon)

If I have any advice for people using Ribbon, it would be to apply it VERY carefully. If you mess up………it is a disaster. But once it’s on, it stays on SO well and has the most gorgeous colour and feel on your lips.


I’m really impressed with the products I purchased from ColourPop! The prices are so affordable and the quality is great for what you’re paying for. I will most definitely be buying more from ColourPop in the future. I’m really interested in trying out the funky lip colours like the blues, purples and greens.

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried ColourPop before? What did you think?


If you didn’t catch my question earlier, does anyone know if (or how) you can twist out more product on the Lippie Pencils? Please help!




10 thoughts on “ColourPop: Unboxing & First Impression

  1. tattletalesweb says:

    I’m a little late to the post here, sorry! I have Ribbon as well and you’re not kidding about a messy crime scene. My advice for removal is something oil based-like coconut oil, etc. I have some OHX Kukui oil that was within reach, I sprayed some on a washcloth and used that-came right off. The Colourpop long wear mattes are all no joke to get off, almost need a sandblaster. But any kind of oil will do, if you haven’t already figured it out ❤️

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