Music Monday: Common Rider

Hello music lovers!!

On this Music Monday, it would make a lot of sense to talk about “Music’s Greatest Night” – The Grammy’s, but I just could not care less about pop stars.


Instead, today I’m going to talk about Common Rider because they’re fun and awesome and make me super happy.

First off, just listen to this song right now. I swear it will make your Monday so much better. Do it. Thank me later.

This song actually came out in 1999 – SO long ago! But it’s still so great, and makes me smile.

Common Rider, for those who don’t know them, is made up of three members Jesse Michaels, Mass Giorgini, and Dam Lumley.

If the name Jesse Michaels rings a bell for you – we need to be friends. And for those who don’t recognize the name – Jesse Michaels was the lead singer in Operation Ivy AKA one of the best bands of all time. I’m feeling a new blog post coming dedicated to Op Ivy because they are the absolute best.

Enjoy this fun lil tune by them.

ANYWAY, enough about Op Ivy and back to Common Rider!

Common Rider has four albums:

  • Last Wave Rockers (1999)
  • Thief in a Sleeping Town (2001)
  • This Is Unity Music (2002)
  • Against All Authority/Common Rider (collab EP) (2005)

My personal favourite is Last Wave Rockers – it’s filled with super fun ska punk songs. This album ALWAYS puts me in a good mood.

I hope you enjoy this little tidbit of Common Rider – they’re really an awesome band and are so fun.

Is anyone else into ska-punk??? What’s your favourite band! I’d love to know I’m not alone (haha) Leave a comment 🙂




5 thoughts on “Music Monday: Common Rider

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    really loving this post, it’s good to read after the Grammy’s. It’s awesome to read much more less pop-oriented bands. Thanks for sharing, this is the first that I’ve heard of them and I need to do research.

    Out of all their songs, what’s your favorite track from them all time?

    Liked by 1 person

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