My Makeup Wish List


I’ve been on the hunt for a new apartment lately and unfortunately haven’t had as much time for testing out new products or blogging. Apartment-hunting also means my budget is even tighter than usual, so I haven’t been purchasing any new cosmetics.

SO, I’ve decided to share the list of beauty products I’ve been lusting over lately. Hopefully reviews are soon to follow!


The Silisponge by Molly Cosmetics has been ALL over the internet lately and I’m super intrigued. It claims to use half the amount of foundation as a beauty blender or brush with the same flawless finish.

I’ve been looking up reviews and YouTubers like Jeffree Star have given it a thumbs up.

This product really appeals to me because the foundation I use is almost $50 and it would be amazing if it lasted twice as long!

The Silisponge retails online for only $12, but is currently sold out. So sad.

RCMA Makeup No Color Powder 

If you’ve watched a YouTube makeup tutorial…ever… you’ll be familiar with this product. This is the “baking powder” that YouTubers like KathleenLights and Jaclyn Hill swear by.

This powder is really affordable at only $12. The only criticism I’ve heard is that the packaging sucks. I’ve seen people transfer it into a new container for easier use.

I’ve never tried “baking” my face before, but it’s supposed to give your skin a really flawless finish and also help keep your makeup in place. You basically just apply a stupid amount of powder to vulnerable regions of your face, let it sit, then dust it away.

If you’re curious about contouring and baking, I found Jaclyn Hill’s video really helpful!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

This line of liquid lipstick has been all the rage lately, and I neeeeed to try it. These are incredibly popular all over the internet, and all reviews I’ve seen have been very positive.

The only advice I would give to somebody looking into these liquid lipsticks are to look online for swatches, because I’ve heard the colour IRL is usually a little different from the pictures on the ColourPop website.

The best thing about the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip is that it retails for only $6. SIX DOLLARS!!

Maybe I can afford to get a couple shades………




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