A Guide To Clean Brushes & Beauty Blenders


I’ve been seeing a lot of people post about brush cleaners lately and thought I would share my routine.

TBH – I’m not sure how often you’re really supposed to wash your makeup brushes. I’ve heard once a day and I’ve also heard once a month. I feel like the more often, the better. But, I definitely don’t clean my brushes as often as I should.


Mental note: clean makeup brushes more frequently.

I clean all my brushes withΒ The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleaner by Sephora. I loooove this brush cleaner. It smells amazing and works really well.


This brush cleaner by Sephora is also really affordable. I have the mini size of this spray (59 mL), but the full size bottle (120 mL) is only $14 CAD on Sephora’s website. My mini bottle has lasted me a long time, so I think that price is really reasonable.

The way I use this spray is by spraying directly onto my brush, then I blot the brush on a clean towel. The more you blot, the more make-up comes off. It’s really satisfying, honestly. To finish, I lay the brush flat to dry.

I always clean my brushes at night because it gives them time to dry overnight. By the morning… TA-DA! All my brushes are clean and ready to use.


It’s really important to clean your brushes since they hold onto so much residue and can cause breakouts. Clean brushes mean a clean face and flawless makeup!

NOW… the way I clean my beauty blender is different from how I clean my brushes.

I run my beauty blender under warm water and put a generous amount of dish soap all around the sponge. I work the soap into the sponge and then ring it out under the warm water until there are no more suds coming out of the sponge. This method works SO well, and it’sΒ so affordable.

My favourite dish soap I use to clean my beauty blender is the Green Works Dishwashing Liquid. I’m not sure why, but this soap has worked better than any other dish soap I have used. Another great thing is that this soap has all biodegradable ingredients and doesn’t contain any sketchy carcinogenic chemicals. It also is a lot less fragrant than other soaps, which I really like.

I usually clean my beauty blender right before I do my makeup, rather than at night. This way I have a damp sponge to work with. I find using a damp beauty blender creates a really flawless look. Because my beauty blender soaks up so much makeup, I wash it a lot more frequently than my regular brushes.

So that is my makeup brush & beauty blender cleaning routine – enjoy!

What’s your favourite way to clean your makeup tools? Leave a comment!



16 thoughts on “A Guide To Clean Brushes & Beauty Blenders

  1. CleiaBeauty says:

    I use baby shampoo to clean both my brushes and my blender but that Citrus spray sounds SO much easier than the shampoo method for brushes. I didn’t realize Sephora had a cheaper brush cleaning option!

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