Music Monday: PUP

Happy Music Monday!

Today I’m writing about a band that will mend your Monday blues – PUP.

PUP is an awesome punk rock band from Toronto (S/O to Toronto for having a wicked music scene). They’re getting more and more popular and their songs are SO great. You will fall in love with them instantly.

I first learned about PUP in summer 2016. The first song that really caught my attention was Reservoir. This song is a little more loud than other songs by them so if you’re not a fan of punk music, I would recommend a different song to introduce you to PUP (like Mabu or Guilt Trip).

Anyone notice Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things? He also makes an appearance in the Sleep in the Heat video:

Honestly, PUP is such an awesome band and they’re really getting noticed which I’m so stoked about. The last time they played in Toronto they had THREE concert dates because their shows kept selling out. I was actually supposed to see them in December, but I came down with an awful cold and had to miss the show. Still upset about it. Come back to me, PUP.

PUP currently only has two albums out – their self titled album, “PUP” and their more recent album, “The Dream Is Over.”

Both albums are equally amazing, I love them both.

They are also great albums to listen to at the gym – you can often find me rocking out on the treadmill listening to DVP.


Check out PUP, you won’t regret it…and you’ll be obsessively listening to them for months.

Hope you have a great Monday!


(Feature photo from article in Bad Luck Magazine)


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