Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturizer


So, I’ve heard a lot about Origins and their skincare products and decided to try some out for myself. I recently got the Superstar Six-Piece Skin Care Set by Origins and I’m really excited to share my reviews on all of the products.

Today, though, I’ll be focusing on the High Potency Night-A-Mins cream because it’s the product I was most excited to try out.


This cream is jam packed with vitamins C, E, H & minerals. It has the loveliest citrus scent!

I’d heard a lot about Origins as a brand from a lot of bloggers, but I was sold after hearing what Kathleen Lights had to say about it.

The jar only contains 50 mL of product, and the size concerned me considering the price… But, a tiny bit of this moisturizer goes a LONG way. Seriously, the tiniest amount covers my entire face and softens it up.

So, the first night I tried Night-A-Mins, I used way too much and was pretty disappointed with how greasy my skin felt. So each night when I used it, I used less and less. The cream is really thick so even a tiny amount does the trick.

What I found was that minimizing how much I applied onto my skin made me love the product so much more. I only use a teeny tiny amount and by the morning my skin is SO refreshed and soft.


Night-A-Mins definitely makes a huge difference with the texture of my skin in the morning. Usually when I wake up my skin feels dry and sad, but when I use Night-A-Mins I wake up with really hydrated and soft skin.

As for my complexion – the moisturizer hasn’t made a difference with blemishes at all. My skin is the same with regards to spots and pimples. Which definitely isn’t a bad thing! I’ll make a note though that I have only been using this product for a week or two, so it’s possible my skin will improve when I’ve been using it for longer (fingers crossed).

Right now this moisturizer retails for CDN $55

I would definitely recommend this product if you don’t mind the price tag. It would be really great for somebody with really dry skin – it’s so so hydrating.

Would I buy it again?

I love this cream so much but I feel like I could find a similar product for a more reasonable price, so for that reason I’ll probably explore a new brand once this jar is finished.

What’s your favourite night time moisturizer? Leave a comment!



9 thoughts on “Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturizer

  1. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    I currently use Almond oil as night time moisturizer. But what helps me greatly is the Advanced Repair Micro Cleansing Foam from Estée Lauder. It plumps up my face wonderfully! I saw the results after one night use… I’ve never tried Origins, because I think it’s so pricy. I should check it out though! Great Review! xoxo Sarah

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