Way Back Wednesday: Anti Flag Nostalgia

Hey music lovers!

I recently went to a concert at The Phoenix in Toronto to see Reel Big Fish and Anti Flag. To be completely honest, I was mostly just interested in seeing Reel Big Fish (because really, what’s better than ska punk?) BUT, I ended up having a great time seeing Anti Flag as well and now I can’t stop listening to them.


Anti Flag at The Phoenix, Jan. ’17 – Toronto, ON

I was really into Anti Flag when I was about 14-16 years old. Most of my favourite songs by them are the goofy ones like Spaz’s House Destruction Party, Drink Drank Punk and Right On, but other songs like Turncoat, The Protest Song and Underground Network are awesome as well.

Anti Flag really aren’t that popular in my social circle because they’re “too political.” In my opinion, though, it’s awesome that there are solid messages in their songs. Rather than singing about love or partying (which anyone can sing about), they are sharing intellectual ideas.

I dig it. I also hope you dig that great, low-budget and old-ass music video for Turncoat. Excellent song.

Thoughts on Anti Flag? Thoughts on your own nostalgia with killer bands? Leave a comment!



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