Foundation review: NAKED Skin by Urban Decay

Hi folks!

For many years I have worn cheap, drugstore brand foundations. For the most part, I would try a new foundation each time I ran out of the previous bottle. Some foundations I tried were cakey and some made my skin really oily. Overall, I never found a foundation I absolutely loved.

Time for a new foundation…

I decided to stop by Sephora to see if any of the employees could give a recommendation on a new foundation to try. I was a little nervous about spending the money on a high end brand, but I just wanted somebody to point me in the right direction.

My experience at Sephora finding a new foundation was AWESOME. The employee I approached completely changed my foundation game. After interviewing me about my skin, she took a photo with a neat little gadget to determine my skin colour code. This was entered into a database with my foundation preferences (satin finish, medium coverage) and the computer matched my skin tone with a GIANT list of foundations.

The only thing I had to do was decide which brand I wanted, and take it home (after paying, of course).

The foundation I chose was the NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup by Urban Decay in shade 2.0.


And the verdict is… 

THIS FOUNDATION IS LIFE. The colour matches perfectly to my skin tone – golden but very pale, which has been difficult for me to match in the past. The foundation is super lightweight and never feels oily or cakey on my skin. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing foundation at all, actually. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different foundation than this.


Hi Penny!!

FUN FACT: This foundation is also vegan, and Urban Decay is a cruelty free brand 🙂

The foundation retails for $47 in Canada, but let me tell you… it is worth every penny. If you’re interested in this product, check it out online here.

SO… two thumbs up for Sephora and their awesome colour-matching skills, AND two thumbs up for the NAKED SKIN foundation by Urban Decay.



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