Feature Band: The Courtneys

Happy Music Monday!

I originally found The Courtneys by browsing around on Spotify, and I instantly fell in love with their sound.


They are a fairly new band (active since 2010), and are signed to Hockey Dad Records.


As for their sound, their description on Hockey Dad Records is:

“Sun drenched flying nun influenced pop with sweet licks that’ll stick with you for days.”

My description of their sound is,

“Fun, girl-power 90’s inspired pop-rock that sounds a lot like a teenage-girl sleepover party in all the best ways.”

Basically they’re super fun and cool, and apparently a little tricky to describe. I feel like they’re the type of band that Lorelei, Rory, and Lane from Gilmore Girls would all be into and would listen to while eating copious amounts of junk food.

The Courtneys is made up of 3 rock n roll girls: 

  • Classic Courtney – Guitar, Vocals
  • Cute Courtney – Drums, Lead Vocals
  • Crazy Courtney – Bass, Vocals

Why don’t you give them a listen, rather than read my sad attempt of describing them in this blog post? If you’re into The Julie Ruin, Cherry Glazerr, and other girl-power pop-rock bands, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, can I be honest and say many bands don’t sound great on the KEXP sessions? Also, guess what – The Courtneys do sound great on their KEXP session. So stoked.

Happy listening & rock on people!


From left to right: Cute Courtney, Classic Courtney, Crazy Courtney


Nobody is this cool. Except for The Courtneys.

xoxo -C


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