Chantal’s Tell All: Your Guide to Luscious Hair

Happy Friday everyone!

I have struggled all my life with sad, flat, and fine hair. For many years I have envied the voluminous manes of other women – but I shall envy no more!

Because of my many years with my thin, lifeless hair, I have learned a few tips and tricks to boost my roots and achieve luscious locks.

5 Tips for Luscious Hair (if you have sad, flat hair like me)

1. Start with a volumizing shampoo

I use Lush’s Big shampoo. This vegan shampoo is loaded with sea salt and citrus juices, giving your hair massive volume without the greasy consequences.

This is the first shampoo that has actually worked for me with regards to volume. It’s a little pricey for shampoo, so the staff at Lush gave me a sample to try out. But, let me tell you – this shampoo is worth the price tag. My thin, lifeless hair has been transformed into a beautiful lion’s mane and I will never go back.


Check it out online here

2. After washing – use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair

I used to hack through my post-shower, tangly hair with my regular hair brush.

Don’t do this!!!!

Using a regular hair brush on your wet hair will cause breakage. Using a wide tooth comb is gentle enough to fight through the tangles without breaking off all your precious hair.


This comb is only $3.44 CDN on Amazon

3. Use a volumizing cream (or spray) before blow drying

My favourite volumizing cream is the Redken High Rise Volume – Duo Volumizer. This product is great because it lifts your roots and holds it for the whole day.

Just squeeze a little product in your hand (a little goes a long way), and massage it onto your roots and throughout the lengths of your hair.


Check it out online here

4. Blow dry smart – and in sections

The best technique I’ve found for blow drying my hair, is to blow dry in sections. Since my hair is so thin, I only section off my hair into 7 sections.

When blow drying, I use my brush to bring a section up vertically. Once that section is dry, I flip it over onto the opposite side I would part it on. Since your hair is still hot for a few seconds after you finish a section, this helps your hair not to fall flat into place.

5. Moisturize!!!

Healthy hair will have more volume than dry, dead hair. I mask my hair in coconut oil at least once a week. If I don’t leave the coconut oil in overnight, I leave it in for at least an hour before shampooing.


I found this jar of organic coconut oil on Amazon for only $8.49 CDN

What are your tips for achieving luscious hair? Comment below!

xoxo -C


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