Cup O’ Coffee – Lush Review

Hi, hello!

I decided to do a review of one of my favourite Lush products – the Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask.


This vegan mask is made of natural ingredients including ground coffee, organic agave syrup, kaolin and coriander seed oil. The best part is – with the caffeine from the coffee grounds, this mask makes you look and feel awake and fresh!

My favourite time to use this product is when my skin is feeling dull or dry, and I want to look more fresh-faced.

You can use the mask on your face or your whole body for silky smooth skin. I recommend leaving it on for at least 10 minutes after application, then using it as an exfoliator in the shower afterwards.


If you don’t already know Lush, they’re an ethical cosmetic company that fights animal testing, partakes in ethical buying, is 100% vegetarian (with vegan products to choose from), has handmade products, and uses recycled (and recyclable) packaging. I love Lush because they have great products that I can feel good about using.

Lush is my go-to store for skin and bath products, and I’m looking to try out their makeup products soon.

The Lush Website is also great for online shopping – it lists all ingredients in the products and a link for each, so you can learn more about the ingredients you’re unsure of.

I usually shop in-store for Lush products, unless I have tried the product before. Their staff in each store are incredibly helpful and friendly, and they offer samples if you’re unsure of a product.

(Shoutout to the staff at Lush in Guelph’s Stone Road Mall, you guys make shopping there such an awesome experience)


Here’s what Cup O’ Coffee looks like while its on your face

So, if you’re looking for a new face mask (and exfoliator!!) to try out, definitely head over to Lush and grab yourself a Cup O’ Coffee!

You can find it online here.

xoxo -C


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