I stumbled upon this band less than a year ago on YouTube and was instantly IN LOVE.

Dilly Dally is now one of my favourite bands and I can’t get enough of them. They are an alternative rock band from Toronto and their album, Sore, is addictive.


Photo credit: www.dillydallyband.com

I would describe their sound as grunge-punk and their vocalist, Katie Monks, has a killer voice. If you’re into bands like Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Distillers, you’ll probably love Dilly Dally as much as I do.

The first song I heard from them was “The Touch” which, in my opinion, is by far their heaviest song. Their whole album is incredible, but the song that really got me hooked was “Snake Head”.

Other mentionable songs that I can’t get out of my head are Green, Witch Man, and Purple Rage. Seriously – the whole album is phenomenal.

Fun Facts:

  • Dilly Dally is touring right now! They are playing two different shows – in one they are opening for Grouplove, and they are headlining in the other.
  • Dilly Dally just released a new album, fkkt, that features 5 new remixes of songs from Sore

I’m lucky enough to have tickets for their headlining show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. I can’t wait!!!

If you’re into wicked awesome heavy music with kick-ass vocals, check Dilly Dally out. SERIOUSLY. Check them out. Do it.

xoxo -C








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